Saturday, July 7, 2007

Motu Madness: It Has Arrived

Here is the English Text of the Motu Proprio and the Explanatory Letter.

If you want some good commentary you can go here, here and here.


MJ said...

Beautifully written and explained.

Andrea Brown said...

Dear Father,

There is a website for those wanting to contact individuals in their area (or across the world - for that matter), who are interested in the Extraordinary Mass. It certainly is a great tool for networking and a great help for people to get something started in their locale. It includes priests, religious and laity. There are also sub-categories: e.g. Priest - (celebrant, provide training, needs training) and Laity - (schola, server, wish to attend) To take this a little further - It would be great if people would be encouraged to place a notice of this website and any other pertinent info in their parish bulletin every week untill at least September 14th.
The website is:

Your are remembered in my prayers.

Andrea Brown
Anaheim, CA