Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Heartwarming Moment of Humility and Love from the Holy Father

At the end of Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral the Holy Father said this:

"In this moment, I can end with saying grace (We can assume he meant “thanks”) for your love of the Church, for the love of our Lord and such a gift, your love also to the poor successor of St. Peter. I will do it possible to be a real successor of the great St. Peter, who also was a man with his faults and sins. But, he remains, finally, the Rock for the Church, and so also, I, with all my poorness spiritual, can be, with the grace of the Lord, in this time, the successor of Peter. And say our prayers, your love, for give me the certainties that the Lord will help me in this my ministry. And so I am so deeply thankful for your love, for your prayer, and my answer to this moment for all that you have given to me at this moment, in this visit, is my blessing at the end of the Holy Mass.”

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