Friday, April 18, 2008

Papal Mass Music: UPDATED

There have been numerous critiques of the Liturgical Music at yesterday's Papal Mass at National's Stadium swirling around the blogosphere. Some of them are mean spirited and some of them are very reasoned and well thought out. One such reasoned and well thought out critiques is from Jeffrey Tucker at the New Liturgical Movement Blog. If you want to read it you can click here.

Even though, in my opinion (which in matters Papal really has no bearing), the music for the Mass left something to be desired, there were some very good things that happened at the Mass. First was the Altar arrangement. Those who are members of my parish will, no doubt, recognize the Altar arrangement of the candles and crucifix.

This has been a hallmark of Pope Benedict's Liturgical reforms highlighting the Church's belief in the centrality of the Cross and our Liturgical orientation toward Christ. When the crucifix is placed on the altar between the priest and people it allows all of us, both the priest and the people to be able to focus on Christ, who is our Hope and to whom our prayer is addressed to the Father.

UPDATE: Fr. Rob Johansen has a very well thought out and balanced post on the Papal Mass on His blog entitled Thrown Back. To read it click here.

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