Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shepherd One

In case you were wondering what the Papal Plane is like Fr. Z provided some interesting information:

The Holy Father is travelling on an Alitalia Boing 777 (let’s hope they don’t lose his luggage) together with 101 other people, including journalists, who have the honor of paying 3200 Euros to travel on the plane (this is one reason why I have never even applied to go on the plane). The plane, like Gaul, is divided in three parts. Forward, there are compartments for the Pope and his immediate helpers. After are the journalists. The Holy Father has an office with a table and six chairs, and a bedroom with a kneeler and crucifix.The Pope has a boarding pass, by the way. He didn’t pay for his own ticket but he does have a boarding pass. The first name lists "Papa" and for a last name "Benedetto XVI".The plane has a small podium for the Pope to give a press conference. With him are 3 cardinals, 2 bishops, 7 priests and 18 laypeople.

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