Sunday, June 29, 2008

Homily: Vigil of the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul

Here is my first attempt at a podcast...It will go much smoother with the new digital voice recorder (thanks again to the anonymous donor), and hopefully I can do some other fun things like a musical intro, etc in the future. Anyway, here you go:


Linda Rivera said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Honestly, I had imagined you would come across as a pompous ass in your preaching -- and, boy, did you come through in spades!

Anonymous said...

Father, Thanks for posting your podcast! My family and I miss your homilies since you have moved to Garretson. I listened to your homiliy while traveling in Kansas for work. Please continue to post your homilies. Keep up the great work. I appreciate your blog. I look at it once a week or so.

Tom P.

Francis Duffy said...

Linda, there's got to be a nicer way to correct Fr. Dana than that. I agree with you, of course, but there's not need to call him an ass!

fr. g said...

To all the people saying that he sound like a "pompous ass", all I can say is why don't you try to get up in front of a large group of people every week and see how you do.

As a fellow priest, I don't so much have a problem with someone's public speaking style or voice. But I will say that this homily is a whole lot of nothing. He could have said the same message in half the time.

Anonymous said...

Father Christensen,

Please don't get discouraged about these negative comments, and continue publishing your homilies.

I am very surprised that the people posting messages here can be so callous in their comments.

Are they Catholics? If they are, hopefully they are confessing often their sins of pride (including "fr. g").

Father Jack said...

I am not the "fr. g" posting here. I will use my name if/when I do.
Fr. Jack Garvey

Father Christensen said...

Thanks Fr. Garvey, I know that you are a man of integrity, and even though we might often disagree, we are on the same team trying our best to spread the message of Jesus.

fr. g said...

Confessing my sin of pride? Well, we're all a bit prideful now and then.
But I don't see anything prideful in my comments. All preachers will admit that some of the homilies are better than others and that some, in retrospect, were duds. No big deal.
I was trying to get people to focus on the content instead of silly things like public speaking style.
I thought the homily lacked the substance to sustain its length. Not exactly sure how that's a prideful statement.

Father Christensen said...

Fr. G,

I am always trying to improve my homilies, in fact I just purchased yet another book on the topic. Maybe you can offer some constructive criticism that might help me to improve. I would greatly appreciate it.