Monday, November 3, 2008

Bishop Finn Strikes Again

From the Catholic Key Blog:

KCMO 710's Chris Stigall interviewed Bishop Finn on the subject of the election this morning. As he has in the past, Bishop Finn emphasized the priority of life and had this to say, excerpt:

Chris Stigall: There are Catholics listening right now who are thinking strongly or are convinced that they will vote for Barack Obama. What would you say to them?

Bishop Finn: I would say, give consideration to your eternal salvation.

Listen to whole whole interview in the player above to hear why. The audio clip has a short station intro and then goes right into the interview. It's short and concise, so it's worth listening to the whole thing. You can also download the audio here.


Anonymous said...

Giving consideration to my eternal salvation, I cast my vote today. I voted for Bush in 2000 because he claimed to be "pro-life", even though I disagreed with him on nearly every other issue. I have never regretted a vote more in my life - we have had 8 years of only death and hopelessness. I am pro-life, though now with a better understanding of the seamless garment of life. I cast my vote today for Barack Obama. I have never been more proud of vote in my life, and wait with excited anticipation for the results - hope, if you will.

Frankie said...

is this blog over?

Father Christensen said...


No, this blog is not over. Things have been slow, but nevertheless the blogging continues.