Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Am Doing

Well folks, it's been awhile, and some of you might be wondering where I have been and what I have been doing, so it's time for a little update.

As of July 1 my assignment has changed from being pastor of one parish, pastoral administrator of another, and associate vocation director to further studies in the area of liturgy. In the fall I will begin studies toward an STL (Sacred Theology License) at the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, IL. It was a great surprise (that's an understatement) and a great honor to be asked by my Bishop to do this. In the meantime - right now - I am in residence at my home parish, St. Lawrence, and providing weekend coverage for a number of small parishes. Below is a picture of my home parish church and school/parish center, which by the way, was just recently paid off. This makes the pastor very happy.

During these months between my last assignment and my next I am doing my best to prepare myself by studying my Latin and Italian. Why Italian? Well, I need to be able to read another modern language, so I decided Italian would be fun. So pray to St. Benedict, St. John Vianney, and St. Joseph of Cupertino that my Latin and Italian studies will go well.

So, as I resuscitate this blog, any ideas on what I might write about? Shall we do an "Ask Fr. Christensen" sort of thing where you can e-mail me your questions? Or shall we do something else? Please let me know what you thing. You can post it either in the comments or you can e-mail me at padredana at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...


I think that you should learn Spanish in place of Italian. Here are my reasons:

1. Spanish is closer to Latin than Italian in terms of grammar.

2. You will be able to offer the Holy Sacrifice in another language useful to your local ordinary.

3. #2 having been in place, you will enjoy the fruits of working in a parish with a significant Hispanic population. (i.e., Mexican potluck)

4. You will be able to do more celebrations of high feast days, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

-Fr. S

B.H> said...

Hope all is going good for you Father Dana. I miss Milbank alot at times love the small town way. the big sity gets crasy at times. Blessing to you and your Family. Take care and may God bless you ! B.H.

Anonymous said...

Would like to be kept up on liturgical changes as you go through your studies.