Monday, February 22, 2010

Consider This Your Fasting Notification

Check it out. It is really is quite amusing:

My favorite quote: "It [fasting] gets a bum rap, pound for pound it does, you know, people think it's for monks and supermodels, and stuff like that." Who would have thought I would ever see monks and supermodels in the same sentence.


Sammy said...

By the looks of your latest pictures, one sure hopes you are trying this discipline for Lent.

With priests, one always wonders -- if he can't control his basic appetites, what else can't he control?

Father Christensen said...

Dear Sammy,

Thank you for your input about what discipline I might take up for Lent. Be assured that I am indeed fasting and working on controlling all of my appetites, both those that lead to sin and those that are more basic.

Please pray that I will be faithful to my Lenten disciplines and I will pray that you will be faithful to yours as well.