Sunday, December 11, 2011

John Patrick Cardinal Foley; Rest in Peace

Early this morning, one of the great figures of Catholicism in America went to his eternal reward.  Most of us, even if we do not recognize his face, will certainly recognize his voice.  For many years he was the commentator for the televised Masses of the Holy Father from Rome.  My association with him comes via the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre, for which he was the Grand Master.  He was present at our annual Convention a few years ago and quickly became well loved for his obvious love and reverence for Our Lord, the Sacred Liturgy and the work of the Knights and Ladies in the Holy Land, not to mention his delightful sense of humor. I was particularly moved by how he reverently bowed his head every time, whether in the Sacred Liturgy or in conversation the holy name of Jesus was spoken.  He was one of the kindest and most gentle churchman I have ever had the privilege to work with.

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