Friday, February 13, 2009

Anybody Still Out There?

Well, if you haven't already abandoned reading my blog for lack of posts, here is a question for you. What would be most useful to you for me to write about? Current events? Sprituality? Saints? Posted homilies (if you want homilies do you want them in audio or written form)? Anything else?

I think there are so many blogs out there that do a very fine job, and sometimes I think that there is really nothing left for me to say.

You can also follow me on twitter (Padredana) and on facebook (Fr. Christensen).

Let me know your thoughts, and if there is a positive response maybe I will do more writing.


Pastor Joelle said...

I'm no expert --I've just started blogging. But I think it's like any writing - you write for yourself. You write about what interests you. Some people will find it interesting --some won't. But if you aren't writing for won't be good for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I would like you to discuss theology as it relates to current events.

Please continue this blog. I frequently learn something from it.

Father, thank you for your service.

Adoro said...

Father, I agree with Pastor Joelle, but I add a little caveat...if you're not writing for God, then why do it? But you have to have a part of yourself in it (ie the writing for you part), and that's what's engaging.

You fear that others are already doing the same thing, and that's true...but at the same time, we always need MORE of us doing "the same thing". That's how the gospel is spread.

We all have different followers. It wasn't acceptable for Paul to come along and say that Peter was already preaching, why did he have a need?

But the more of us there are out there on the 'net, the more fish we can catch!

(Dang, mixing metaphors today!)

As to your more specific questions: I prefer written homilies mostly because at home I'm on dialup and it takes FOREVER for stuff to load, but text is quick!.

But, do what works for you. I love personal stuff (not necessarily deeply personal, just your own insights, etc.), because it's engaging and that's what helps to build relationships, which is what builds readership, which is what really gets the message out.

Just my 2 cents, for what they're worth in this economy!

Afro Seminarian said...

I do enjoy your blog, and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could delve into the lack of respect the American Roman Catholic Church has for the Pope.

John Paul II asked us to say the St Michael prayer after each Mass. I have yet to hear it.

Bendict XVI comes to America and there's no mention during Mass.

The greatest weapon we have as Christians, to ward off evil, is prayer. Why donn't we hear that in Church?

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I prefer the written homilies-- they are always good! But I think ti is easier for you to post them in audio format and I would not dream of adding to your chores! :-)
About why we blog, yes, my own blog is a huge creative outlet for me. And of course, an evangelizing tool!

Anonymous said...

Father C:

Please post the written. Those of us on dial-up appreciate it! Glad you are back up and posting.