Saturday, August 22, 2009

If St. John Vianney Were A Pastor Today...

Incorrupt body of St. John Vianney

Here is a wonderful quote from a letter by Bishop Robert Vasa:

"It comes as no surprise to any pastor that St. John Vianney was severely abused and derided because he called his people to chastity when debauchery was the norm, to sobriety when drunkenness was rampant, to holiness when secularity was much more popular. Because he loved, however, he did not cease to challenge sinfulness and call his people to repentance. He did this at great personal cost because of his determined love for souls. I strongly suspect that if St. John Vianney himself were in many of our American parishes there would be an abundance of letters from concerned parishioners about the direction in which he was taking the parish. This in no way implies that letters about priests to chanceries all across this country are not sometimes warranted and it in no way implies that our priests are comparable to St. John Vianney. It does imply that most of us do not respond well when the sinfulness of our own lives is challenged."

Very true indeed. To read the whole article (and I suggest you do) click here.

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Martin said...

Good post on a good letter from a good bishop. Thanks for your work, Father!