Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Nun's Story?

A recent op-ed piece in the New York Times by Maureen Dowd criticized, rather rudely I might add, the visitation of American Convents. What she wrote has led many to ask why we need this visitation. I mean really, what could nuns be up to that would make the Holy See want to look into what is happening at American Convents?

Well, one example might be something I recently found in a parish filing cabinet (I won't say which parish) in the file entitled RCIA (God save us!). I found three volumes of a series entitled "Woman's Song" published by (again, God save us!) the National Religious Vocation Confrence. It has all manner of strange sprituality and feminist propaganda filling its pages, including this little ditty:

Praise our Goddess in Her Universe
Praise Her in the Womb of Her Birthing
Praise Her for nurturing deeds
Praise Her with harmony and melody
Praise Her with dance and song
Praise her with strings and pipe
Praise Her with Sounding cymbals
Praise Her with dancing children
let everthing that has breath
Praise our Goddess in Her Universe
-Lucy Edelbeck, O.P.

That, dear friends, is why the good sisters need to be visited.


Frankie said...

why "God save us" for the RCIA?

Father Christensen said...

I should have been more clear. I think RCIA is great. What I meant to say "God save us" about is that this book was in the RCIA file. That means that at some point it was used for RCIA, and if that's the case, then God save us!